Online art programs for kids The Art of Nature

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Prehistoric Explorations • Backyard Discoveries • Animals & Habitats • Protecting Our Planet

The Art of Nature

This program will guide children as they explore, learn, journal, draw, paint, and create artwork inspired by the Great Outdoors.

Participants will be encouraged to go on mini adventures and make amazing nature discoveries while learning about seasons, weather, birds, bugs, trees, plants, and flowers!

The Art of Nature consists of several live lessons (virtual or in-person) and a series of homework projects. It is the perfect balance of structured supervised instruction and creative assignments that will require participants to become nature detectives and experience nature.

6-12 years old

12 lessons
Once or twice
per week

Group size
15 learners

Pre-School - 30 min
Kindies - 45 min
School Age - 60 min