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  • Jojo's talent and extensive experience in different dance forms make learning so fun you don't realize you're also seamlessly acquiring new skills and techniques. His understanding of musicality is infectious and very inspiring. Jojo made me feel comfortable from the start and is an instructor you can grow with since he's as equally patient and generous with his time and knowledge with beginners as he is with advanced dancers. Learning from Jojo feels like a collaboration since he takes such a personal interest in your growth. I feel I've made strides in such a short period of time because his style of teaching makes dance always enjoyable for me - which is the key to becoming a better dancer.
    Giovanni Ventura
  • Jojo Zolina doesn’t set a piece on his dancers, he shows you that YOU are the piece in his art. With Jojo I embarked on a journey of self expression, acceptance and self discovery. In my opinion, when you are in the room with Jojo, you are getting far more than just a dance class.

    Britney Mocca
  • Jojo is the REAL DEAL! He is truly a vibrant and expressive dancer. He also happens to be one of the most compassionate and caring teachers/choreographers out there. He truly believes in the art form, technique and respects freedom as well as attention to detail within movement. To me that show's a true professional both as a performer and instructor. His positive energy is infectious! Jojo's a 10/10!

    Carla Catherwood
  • NWSS students LOVE Jojo!! My name is Megan Alandi and I’m one of the dance teachers at New Westminster Secondary. Each semester we invite a teacher from the community to share their passion with our students and last year we were honoured to have Jojo. Not only was he extremely professional and reliable, he inspired the 120 students he taught throughout the day by teaching foundation within a few of the many Urban Dance styles that he has mastered in his career. What I appreciated most about Jojo was that he had the unique ability to enter a room, quickly analyze the class, and adapt his teaching to meet the needs of our incredibly diverse group of dancers. Every student felt success that day. We cannot wait until we have Jojo back again!

    Megan Alandi
  • I have known and been friends with Jojo Zolina going on ten years now and I have nothing but great and fond memories with him. When I was a full time competitive dancer at my dance studio we had Jojo in to sub a few different times. His knowledge and vocabulary when it comes to every different style of dance is extremely educational. Not only has he mastered the art of dance but the history behind the choreography and moves that he teaches. That takes years and years of practice, patience, travel, and professional work to master it and that he has. Since then Jojo and I have worked together on many movies and tv shows here in Vancouver. One thing I really admire and respect him for is his consistent drive in life with all that he does. I wish him the best and I look forward to celebrating all his successes ahead.

    Teya Wild
  •  I remember my first class with Jojo better than many others I have taken in my life. He did not wait for class to end to give me personal feedback, he made me feel welcome but also had no problem proposing I challenge myself more, starting that day, that hour. Jojo has been a pillar of the Canadian dance scene and is an inspiration to the green performer and veteran dancer alike. He believes in the accessibility of dance art, the importance of intersectionality and cultural understanding. With unadulterated expression, Jojo is teaching lessons we all need to be learning.

    As the overall father of our House of La Douche, Jojo has passed on a legacy that he has been building for his community for decades. There is an understanding when you dance for or with Jojo that you are actively standing up for your rights as a dancer and performer; and most importantly, that you are executing your talent without ego and with massive amounts of love and motivation to propel Vancouver dance into the international spotlight.
    Cass Podor
  • Jojo truly is a pioneer of the Vancouver dance community; our scene would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for him. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jojo before and I can attest to his immense vocabulary in dance, his astounding creativity, and professionalism. Jojo has been instrumental in my growth and development as a choreographer and I’ll always be grateful for him and his work.

    Scott Forsyth
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